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Must have photos of you and your bridesmaids

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Bride Tribe

No wedding day is complete without pictures of the bride and her favourite girls. These will bring you many happy memories for years to come as these chosen friends will be the ones you will share all the funny and intimate moments with from the minute you ask them to be your bridesmaids right through to the wedding day itself.

So make sure you add these pictures to the list you give your photographer and your planner to ensure that the photography team arrive in plenty of time to capture all the moments throughout the day, starting with the getting ready shots.

Getting ready photos

If you're treating your bride tribe to bridesmaids robes or matching pyjamas then make sure you get photos of you all together wearing the outfits. Looking back at these pictures will give you all the feels of your best pre wedding moments.

Champagne celebrations

Don't forget to include a picture of you all popping the champagne/Prosecco as you're getting ready. This photo will always bring back many happy memories long after the wedding day.

Once you've popped the bottle, raise a glass to your besties, relax and enjoy the moment.

How about getting a first look picture of you with your maids. Your besties’ reaction to your wedding dress will be priceless and something you will want to remember forever.

First Look

Take individual photos with each of your bridesmaids, especially your maid of honor. There's a reason you asked her to fill this role on your wedding day, so dedicate time for the two of you to spend a few minutes alone.

Special Moments

No wedding day photo album is complete without some awesome bridesmaid pictures. Give your photographer permission to get as many natural shots of you and your girls throughout the day, as these will let your personalities shine.

You won't regret looking back at these fun moments that will evoke many magical memories.

Girls, girls, girls!

Detail shots are a great way to remember the small, thoughtful touches throughout your day. So include photos of yours and your bridesmaid bouquets, shoes, jewellery etc on the photo list.

It's all in the details

Definitely make time in your schedule to pose with your bridesmaids for a variety of photos.

Flower girls

If you have flower girls, make sure you get some pictures of them alone and with you. Let’s face it, how cute are they! and they will remember this day forever.

Scenic shots

If your wedding is outdoors at a scenic venue, take time, once you are completely ready, to get some photos with your maids capturing those stunning views. This will also help to calm your nerves and keep you relaxed before you start the walk to your ceremon.

The walk to the aisle

Walking to the ceremony is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding day. The excitement and happiness felt in these moments will be very apparent in your pictures.

Looks of love

Your girls will have the best reactions to your ceremony and your vows so make sure your photographer knows to get some photos of your bridesmaids watching everything happen.

After the ceremony is done and before you get whisked off for some romantic pictures alone, get the rest of the wedding party involved and get some photos of you and your girls with the groom and his groomsmen. These photos will be a happy reminder of those such emotional moments straight after the ceremony.

Happy memories

First Kiss

Have one of your first kisses as a married couple under a confetti shower thrown by your bridesmaids and groomsmen, if your venue will allow it. Or how about under an arch of sparklers The photos will be worth the effort.

Best Times

Some of the best candid shots will come from the reception. Ask your photographer to take photos of you and your maids tearing up the dance floor, indulging in cake and singing along to the music.

Emotional speeches

Reactions from your besties to wedding party speeches are priceless. As soon as your maid of honor grabs the mic for a toast, get your planner to make sure your photographer is ready to capture the moments.

Wedding Planner

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