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Wedding gift lists

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

You're engaged! Many congratulations to you both.

Not only do you get to spend your days with your love, but you also get to choose beautiful gifts to fill your new home together.

I always encourage couples to create a wedding registry early on in their planning process.

Brick and mortar stores are a traditional option for your registry but there is an online option that offers so much.

I am so excited to be an affiliate and share all about the award winning gift list service, Prezola.

Launched in 2010, they are an online wedding gift list who offer the ultimate in flexibility for their couples.

Not to mention the most stylish of brands, honeymoon funds and charity donations.

They really do have everything under one roof and it’s so easy to do with their user friendly website and they offer a free wedding website too.

Your funds are kept in a ring-fenced Trust account. Which means your money and gifts are always safe with Prezola.

From the big names you already love to the small artisan makers you are yet to discover.

Their buying experts handpick each brand on site to bring you gifts that will delight and inspire.

Or alternatively, if you have been dreaming about your biggest adventure yet, make it happen with a honeymoon gift list.

From snorkelling along romantic coves to chilled cocktails on the beach, be inspired with our pre-made honeymoon funds or create your own.

And why stop there?

Mix and match your funds with special gifts to upgrade your holiday of a lifetime.

Prezola will keep track of everything.

From who gave you what to when your gifts get delivered.

So you can get on with other planning tasks and then enjoy your wedding, leaving the gift wedmin to them.

Sustainability is on their minds as much as it is mine and yours and so Prezola packaging is 100% recyclable and they are working towards becoming a carbon neutral company

I must also mention that out of 500 brands, 200 are exclusive to Prezola, so you can be sure you won’t be missing out on some of the best quality brands and items in your gift list.

How Prezola works.

  1. Create your list Add, and edit what you want, when you want. Honeymoon fund, cash fund, homeware, adventures and more. Have a little, or a lot of what you fancy.

  2. Share with guests You can share the info on your invitations, and on your wedding website. Or via Whatsapp, Facebook or text. You decide when guests can see your list and how you share it.

  3. Confirm your list You're married! It's time to close your list and make your final choices. Once you've confirmed and your gifts have arrived with us (usually 4-6 weeks) we'll arrange a delivery date.

  4. Receive your gifts Now for the best bit. It's like the greatest unboxing ever. Your gifts will be delivered for free on a weekday that suits you. And your funds can be transferred whenever you like.

Once you decide to sign up with Prezola you can use the link below and receive a gift of £50 to spend on what you want from the gift list or add it to your honeymoon or cash fund

It can be daunting to know where to start when creating a gift list.

The good news is that you can take your time, there’s no need to rush.

I recommend starting 3-4 months before the wedding so you have plenty of time to pick what you’d like, include your gift list details in the wedding invite and give guests time to purchase the gifts.

Though gift lists are part of wedding tradition, it’s very usual to feel weird about asking for gifts, but remember that your guests will want to buy you a present and will feel relieved when they see a gift list.

It's the perfect guide to remove all those doubting questions guests have like "what will they want?" and "how much should I spend?".

If you've been a wedding guest before, this probably sounds familiar!

It’s better to take charge and give options rather than leaving friends and family in the dark.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the website through the link here and get started on your list and have fun doing it


As an affiliate of Prezola, I earn a commission on every qualifying gift list and qualifying purchases that take place on that list

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