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Vineyard Weddings

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Why You Should Choose A Vineyard

A vineyard wedding is romantic, magical and full of ambience and atmosphere.

It's a perfect wedding venue choice for couples that not only love wine, but for those of you that want the laid back, chilled vibe that comes with holding your wedding in these gorgeous venues.

They offer picturesque surroundings, alfresco dining, food very often produced by the venue itself or, at the very least, food all locally produced and sourced, and long weekends relaxing amongst the grapes and the vines.

Weddings at a vineyard

If the thought of marrying at a venue that has its own vineyards and produces its own beautiful wines, harvests and makes its own olive oil

and grows vegetables, fruit and sometimes even wheat to makes its own food then this is the choice for you.

All their produce is available to provide you and your guests everything you need for your wedding celebrations, then I can assure you that you will have the wedding of your dreams and your guests will be talking about it forever.


Choosing this type of venue means you can usually

accommodate all of your guests for 3/4 days.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to catch up and spend time with people that you love that you maybe don't get to see very often.

Multi Day Celebrations

Hosting a welcome party for your guests on arrival day is a great way to start the celebrations.

Sitting down to a beautiful, relaxed, farewell hangover brunch or evening meal all together is the perfect way to say goodbye and thank you to your loved ones.

The catering for these gatherings can be formal or informal, the choice is always up to you.


This type of venue always gives couples choosing abroad weddings a great way to make it as sustainable as possible.

This is even more possible by sourcing local suppliers for everything that isn't produced at the venue.

For more tips on how to make your destination wedding more eco conscious, have a read of my blog post here

Location, location, location

There are many locations all over Europe and the UK to choose from so your first decision will have to be which country to pick.

If you are wine connoisseurs then the obvious choice would probably be to choose the country that produces your favourite wine.

These kind of venues are usually family owned and run, and they welcome you with open arms, incredible hospitality and total professionalism.

They are incredibly passionate about their history and culture and so so proud of what they produce and grow.

Rest assured that you will have the wedding of your dreams, full of delicious food, great wine, alfresco dining and a few days full of love and laughter surrounded by all your favourite people.

If you have set your hearts on this type of wedding In beautiful settings such as these, then get in touch with me and I can help you plan your perfect celebration.

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