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Choosing Wedding Colours

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Choosing colours for your wedding day can be tricky, so I have written this post to try and give you some tips.

Of course you want everything to look wonderful, so you start pinning and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. But this can often take you right off track, so let‘s start right at the beginning.

Firstly think about the colours you and your fiancé love.

What colours suit you?

Think about your skin tones, which colours light you up? Which colours have you worn before that make you sparkle and people have complimented you on?

Have a look at your wardrobe, what colours are your favourites that you choose most of the time and make you feel good?

Whilst you will more than likely be in a white or ivory dress the colours you choose for your bridesmaids and flowers will have an impact on how your photos turn out. If you are really stuck and have no clue what colours suit you then there are many personal colour companies quizzes online such as :-

Or you can have your own personal colour analysis done by a company such as :-

Just type into google “personal colour analysis near me” and lots of colour stylists in your area will come up.

White on white is always popular but many photographers say it is hard to photograph as the flowers don't stand out well against a white dress so consider this too.

Unless you add plenty of greenery to your chosen white flowers... that way the white of the flowers stands out.

Check the venue carefully, you don't want any colours that don't work well. If there are carpets, these are often heavily patterned so make sure your colours won't clash with the venue.

Check what furniture is being provided at your venue, table linens, chair colours and the colour of the walls. Look at what flowers previous couples have chosen for that venue for your own inspiration. With all this in mind, don’t commit to colours until after your venue is booked.

Think about the season you are getting married in. Seasonal palettes can become cliché so don't be too set, perhaps add in textures evocative of that season too. Summer light and floral, winter deeper textures and darker colours.

Spring weddings naturally gravitate towards paler, softer colours and neutrals such as soft pinks, lavender, pale yellow.

If you are holding a summer wedding then brighter colours are always popular but do not over do these, you don't want it to look like a children's birthday party, for example a purple, pink and silver could look more like a unicorn party.

Autumn weddings can be darker tones, jewel colours, warm oranges, pomegranate and a soft champagne base colour. Or a totally vintage earthy look.

Winter weddings, neutral palettes with sparkle are always magical and you can add in a darker tone if you want a striking look. You could include tartans and spruces.

Colour psychology plays an important part of your wedding day, think of how you feel when you look at black and red, these tend to be angry colours but a soft colour like seafoam with a pop of pinky coral looks beautiful.

What do you want your guests to feel when they are at your wedding? Colours bring about all sorts of emotions and if something is jarring they will remember this, so try to stick to a neutral base with two accent colours.

As an example you could have a champagne or soft grey for your base colour then add in a softer pink and add a pop of colour such as fuschia.

You can also find inspiration from other sources. Look at interiors, see how the designers have put together colours.

Often it will be a neutral background and pops of colour carefully added in with scatter cushions and accessories.

If you want to be up to date you can also look at what colours are being used in interiors and fashion, as these will be the most current but this doesn't mean you need a grey and mustard colour combo with a bit of turquoise thrown in! It will just give you a general idea of how colours work.

Do try to keep your colours to 3 or 5, too much everywhere will look overworked.

When working with your florist make sure they understand the exact colours you would like, one person's version of coral is very different to another's.

Use the Pantone colour charts as a reference and work with your wedding planner to create inspiration boards to send to your suppliers so that everyone is on the same page. You don't want your cake maker showing up with a completely different version of the colour.

The examples I have shown you are just a very few of the colour options that are available and

ultimately it is your day, your way, so have some fun with this.

Play around, get inspired and choose what colours you love the most. You will be looking at your wedding photos and sharing them for years to come so choose something that you fall in love with.

Happy planning xx

If you want help planning your own wedding or even just help deciding on colours and themes, please get in touch with me.

I would love to be a part of your perfect day

I hope you get in touch

B xx

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