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Tips For Larger Destination Weddings

Updated: Feb 23

Having been a destination wedding planner for many years, I have lots of tips and ideas for making your day run smoothly and giving you a magical day full of amazing memories.

My top tips for weddings with a large guest list are:-

Consider Guest Accommodation

While you are not expected to cover the cost of guest accommodations, it's a great tip to provide recommendations that cover a range of budgets.

If you are hiring a villa to host all your celebrations at, then consider choosing one that has enough accommodation for all of your guests.

However if this is not possible, It's best to offer several options at different price ranges but try and keep all hotel suggestions within a ten to fifteen minute radius so that you can offer guest transportation without logistical nightmares

Hire Transport

Hiring transportation for everyone to get to the wedding all together especially if the venue is in a different area to where they are staying.

This is a great gesture that most of your guests will greatly appreciate. They can then relax and have fun and no one needs to end up being the designated driver!

Welcome Party

Have a welcome party the night before the wedding so that the two of you can spend time mingling with all your guests.

This way you won’t feel so bad about maybe not getting round to chat to everybody on the wedding day.

Reception Seating

Opt for long banquet tables instead of round tables as this way you can fit more people more comfortably and sociably.

Wedding Meal

The more guests you have, the longer it takes to feed them all.

So if you are having a served, sit down meal, maybe break it up between the second and third course with some dancing or you could make the dessert course at a food station which your guests have to get up and go to.

This gives them a chance to mingle with other guests they may not have been seated near to.

Hire a wedding planner

Even if your venue has a designated day of coordinator, I would definitely suggest hiring a professional destination wedding planner that knows the venue and the area very well too,

as keeping the day flowing gets harder the more guests you have.

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