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Top Tips For Creating A Stylish, Family Christmas

Updated: Feb 1

We are all always so excited for Christmas.

It is the perfect time to appreciate what is important to us and take the opportunity to really enjoy time with who is around our trees and not what is under it.

Think about ways to really show your loved ones how precious they are to you by creating a gorgeous, relaxed day full of love and laughter and maybe take the time to create a beautiful Christmas table, concentrating on all the details and making this year truly special.

I truly believe that all occasions are about creating memories.

Here are some ideas to help you create a truly magical setting and experience.

Firstly, plan the meal...

Before you begin designing your table you need to create the menu. This will help you decide what plates, cutlery and glassware you will need for your table setting.

A great idea is to offer a platter style for the starter and then a plated main course with a dessert buffet station which makes for a very relaxed, chilled out day, which, let's face it, we could all do with.

By planning out the menu first you will know exactly what you need for your table setting.

The next step is to plan the drinks...

Will you be offering pre dinner cocktails, canapes?

Think about what glassware you will need and if you require large platters to serve canapes or a shared platter?

The holidays are the perfect time for traditional dishes, which I think gives a sense of normality and comfort but it is nice to bring a few changes each year with a themed cocktail or a slightly different twist on the desserts.

Check out my Christmas cocktail blog for more ideas!

Table centrepieces

Your next task is to think about the centrepiece and

how many people you are seating at your table. To save money and to enter into the planet saving act of recycling, look around at what you already have in your home that you could use, vases, glasses, candle holders etc and get inspired.

Most homes have a Christmas collection so with a bit of planning you can see what you have and what you would love to add this year.

There are some beautiful themes you could create. One of my favourite themes is a winter wonderland using branches and foraged foliage, which my grandchildren and I love to collect from the woods near us on our winter walks and then mix with glittering baubles.

Add a warm glow with candles, strings of white lights, and glass or metallic accents. I love the idea of adding battery-operated twinkle lights into a cylinder vase with greenery in a variety of sizes to keep the centerpiece interesting and give it that festive feel. Use reflective surfaces with lots of candles for an intimate, cosy vibe.

Place settings

Take some time on your place settings and really enjoy the act of presenting a beautiful visual display that your guests will love and appreciate.

Always add in some lovely linen napkins and play around with how you are going to display them.

Think about adding in some beautiful details such as napkin rings and personalise each place setting with pretty handwritten placecards.

This year could be the year you make your own crackers, buy each guest something really nice they would enjoy and place this inside your own crackers.

Christmas wreaths

Maybe you could try your hand at making a wreath for your door to welcome your guests in and set the tone from the outset.

A lot of florists local to you offer wreath making classes which are a great day or evening out for a group of friends and will usually include, wine and nibbles and lots of fun! It is also a great way to get your festive spirit going.

Above all though, the most important thing is to have fun with it all and even if you find a theme online that inspires you, always add your own personality into it.

I hope I have given you inspiration and listed below are some websites that you can get loads more tips and ideas from. These are a few of my favourites but of course there are so many more to choose from.

Read my cocktail making blog here

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