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What to do now you’re engaged and you want a destination wedding

Updated: Feb 23

Congratulations! You must both be on cloud nine right now… but what do you need to do next.

Most importantly of all.…. Enjoy these next few weeks and let it all sink in. Don't feel pressured to start wedding planning instantly. You could maybe throw a party or arrange a dinner with your nearest and dearest but you also need to spend some time just the two of you with maybe a weekend away or a day trip somewhere enjoying this most romantic of times together.

1. Once you have got used to the feeling of being engaged and are feeling ready, the first thing to do is find a planner. Always choose the one who you have the best relationship with. You will be spending a lot of time together so you need to get on well.

2. Sit down with your partner, close your eyes and visualise your day, What is the setting like?

Who is there? Informal? Formal? Imagine you are there, this will help decide what it is you actually want. Work with your planner to put a moodboard together. This will keep you focused on your style.

Mood board examples

3. Work out a realistic budget. There is no point looking at anything until you know how

much you want to spend.

4. The next task is to decide who you both want in your wedding tribe, who do you want to be

involved? Who will support you? Who will be there supporting you, having fun with you and

enjoying every moment with you during the whole process.

5. Get organised, set up a wedding email so all correspondence is in one place, get a wedding

planner book or to do pad or set up an excel sheet on google drive, set up a group chat on

WhatsApp, - whatever works best for you.

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6. Decide on a month and year you have in mind. If you want a specific date, this will need to be booked asap so that you don't lose it.

7. Decide how you are going to search for venues. For destination weddings, this is so easy to do with a wedding planner that knows the areas that you are considering really well. They will have lists of venues with costs and images all ready to show you.

8. Once you have narrowed down your venue search, get your planner to get in touch with

them all to arrange visits in which you can meet the venue owners, try the food, check out the surrounding area and really get to know the area.

9. Once the venue is decided, the fun part can really get started with the choosing of the decor,

colour scheme and all the little details that you wish to include.

But during the whole process remember to relax and have fun and enjoy every minute.

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