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Planning a wedding during Covid-19

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

When we all came to a grinding halt in March this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it left us all wondering about the months ahead in the wedding industry and how it would affect the thousands of couples that already had weddings booked... and for those of you who are planning a wedding how would this situation change your plans?

Over the past 7 months I have been helping couples rearrange wedding dates, liase with all their chosen venues and suppliers and sort out new dates for them, and now I want to help others who are worried about planning a wedding during this unprecedented time.

So I put these questions to two of my booked couples who are already in different stages of their planning journey and have received some answers that will hopefully help to put your minds at rest about starting your own planning journey.

Question 1- Are any of the covid restrictions affecting your plans for a destination wedding ?


Couple 1-Yes, we have had to postpone/rearrange our visit to see the venue and do food tasting twice which has been a shame! We aren’t sure if we will get another chance to visit the venue before our current wedding date.


Couple 2- Yeah, we've had to postpone once already and still unsure everything's going to go as planned. Also have had to postpone our menu tasting twice but have rebooked for next March

Question 2- Have you had to postpone your wedding date ?


Couple 1-Not yet


Couple 2-Yes already postponed once from August 2020 to May 2021.

Question 3- Have any of your invited guests decided to cancel because they are worried ?


Couple 1-- yes we have had two older guests that have already said they aren’t coming as they are worried about the virus. Some other guests will decide nearer the time based on updated restrictions.


Couple 2- Upto now no, all guests are still attending as planned.

Question 4- Have you cut your guest list short because of covid worries?


Couple 1-Not at the moment. We sent save the dates before major effects of the virus and we haven’t cut the guest list so far as our wedding isn’t until July.


Couple 2- Not as yet but unsure of current numbers allowed.

Question 5- Were your venue and your suppliers accommodating with the changes in date and changes in numbers?


Couple 1-all our vendors that we have booked have Covid clauses in their contracts and we can move the date if they are available or get our money back which is great. We booked the venue before major affects of Covid so we are waiting to hear about the process of postponing from them in case we need to!


Couple 2-. Our venue and all our suppliers have been excellent and moved everything as been required. But this was all left in the hands of our planner Bernadette and has been handled perfectly.

Question 6-Are you having to pay more to have your wedding next year?


Couple 1- our wedding date was originally next year anyway so we haven’t had to pay anything extra.


Couple 2-No, everythings the same. The venue, the suppliers and our planner Bernadette are all honouring the same prices for us.

Question 7- Do you have a Plan B if the wedding date has to change again because of Covid-19 reasons?


Couple 1-we have considered changing our date to the following Easter (2022) if we need to but at the moment we are hoping we can go ahead in July 2021! Again we need to wait until nearer the time to see what restrictions will be in place and wait to hear back from the venue about their processes.


Couple 2- Not yet no. We will wait and see what is going to happen for a couple more months. Bernadette is keeping us updated with any changes and news in a regular basis.

Your wedding is all about the celebration of your love for each other and sharing that with your closest family and friends. So I say to you to carry on with your planning!

Hire a planner, take out insurance, check the contracts of all your suppliers and venue to make sure all possibilities are covered and have a Plan B in place. Then go ahead and enjoy what will

​be the best day of your lives, full of beautiful, treasured memories to fall back on and draw strength from, as you embark on your journey of love and commitment.

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